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5 stars
Prem Kumar, 22 November 2020
Great Funnel Builder
Cindy has again delivered! A great solid software that has massive potential to generate income for your business. I am amazed at how easy it works. Great job and highly recommended.
5 stars
Jonas Nielsen, 25 February 2020
Army swiss knife
Crazy that you get 14 conversion widgets for such a low price when other social proof widgets charge 3 times more per month for only 3-4 tools.
5 stars
Barry Eschenberg, 25 February 2020
Star Power Is Amazing
I see stars everywhere on the internet. Every product I am considering buying to every restaurant I am thinking about trying out. I know they influence my buying decisions but it is truly amazing to see how they positively effect my customers buying decisions on my own websites. I won't set up a site without this set of tools.
5 stars
Irfan Chauhan, 25 February 2020
Like it to such an extent
This is the correct stage for all kind of clients to change over their guests to clients. It is ground-breaking and viable item. Like it to such an extent.
5 stars
luke s, 25 February 2020
My marketing life just got easier!
Cindy and the Funnel Base team have really delivered this time! The power of reviews is obvious but whats hard was to get them for yourself! Funnel Base has that covered! Now I can get reviews at will- The software is amazing and makes it so easy to get reviews for my sites and offers! I just followed the step[ by step training and it was done! I love this stuff!
5 stars
marcus B, 25 February 2020
Where was Funnel Base when i was getting Started
When I got access to Funnel Base I was not expecting what I got. This is an amazing software and is something I wish I had when I was first starting out. Having reviews is a way to build confidence in your website or offer but Funnel Base is taking this to a whole new level. Cindy and the team have really gone the extra mile to deliver a product we all need and that can help us to get the success we are looking for. Thanks guys!
5 stars
Susan Mcauley, 25 February 2020
Amazing Stuff
I am blown away by what Funnel Base can do! To have the ability to get reviews is cool but it doesn't stop there- that's just the beginning! Great work guys!
5 stars
Mike Colton, 25 February 2020
What I was looking for
Now I can compete with the Big Boys! Being able to get reviews was something i could never do and had given up on it but now Funnel Base is making it possible to get the reviews I need to succeed online! Thanks Guys!
4 stars
Courtney Stallmester, 25 February 2020
Really? This Easy?
I thought this was going to be hard but to my surprise, this is very easy to set up- This is perfect for my Etsy store.
5 stars
Cali Stans, 25 February 2020
Love it on my Shopify store
This is an absolutely game changer for me. It collects specific reviews for individual products making my best sellers even better sellers. I'll continue to use Funnel Base, especially the ability to automatically followup with people who bought so I can get targeted product reviews. This is seriously THE BEST!
4 stars
Mel Ridgeway, 25 February 2020
This is a game changer
After I got my hands on Funnel Base i found it to be a quality product and will change the way i do my marketing.
5 stars
SAUL MO, 25 February 2020
Coupon ones are the best
The coupon feature added to my page gets more clicks than the other popups and is easy to manage. I like the videos too, but the coupons are my favorite.
5 stars
Kimberly R., 25 February 2020
So easy
I was surprised to find you just put their code on your site once, not every time but one time, and then manage everything from the dashboard. REally easy!
4 stars
Stefan Chevalier, 25 February 2020
What I have needed
I have never had any reviews to my website but after checking out Funnel Base they made it easy- I'm excited to finally get the reviews I need
4 stars
Mike Stell, 25 February 2020
Pretty Damn Good
Funnel base works and I am happy I found it, I always wanted to be able to get reviews for my sites but it was A LOT of work but now with Funnel Base It's easy so for me it was a no brainer
5 stars
Yves KOUYO, 25 February 2020
All you need is 'FunnelBase'
I know Cindy since i work online, and to be honest she's one of the TOP marketers that come always with a solid and unique products. When she told me about 'FunnelBase' the first time, i thought it's a conversion tool like others in the market. But after tested it, i was BLOW. This tool is a BEAST when it come to convert traffic into leads and sales. it work for any business and any niche. No matter if you're an affiliate or course creators, vendors or agency, you need this tool to grown your business and skyrocket your profits.
4 stars
Brendan Wallace, 25 February 2020
They listened and it was goooood!
This made it really easy for me to get push notifications and announcements to display on my website.

They listened to my suggestion of adding a colorpicker for designing the widgets which helped make it look so much more professional, thank you!
5 stars
Ifiok, 25 February 2020
One word - Amazing
Another great product from Cindy and Team. It’s easy to use, newbie friendly and delivers as promised. Highly recommended.
5 stars
Moinuddin, 25 February 2020
FunnelBase is the Ultimate Saas For More Conversions and Sales
I knew that Reviews are important for customers and are an vital aspect in Sales but FunnelBase just changed the whole game!
After getting FunnelBase I am now able to get my customer reviews all automated without me having to do anywork
It is really easy to integrate with your site or store.
I am thankful that I found FunnelBase, as now my conversions have increased because my customers are able to trust me more just because of FunnelBase.
I highly suggest this software as you can not just get reviews but you can capture email addresses also.
On top of that It keeps your customers engaged.
Highly Recommended!
1 stars
Danva Jago, 25 February 2020
Completely Crappy
this product is crappy. I've used it n its total rubbish... you'll lose customers instead of gaining. don't buy
5 stars
Tim Verdouw, 25 February 2020
Take conversions to the next level!
FunnelBase is extremely Powerful. With al the tools included you can easily double/triple your conversions. The tools have been proven to work for my own business, but also for big boys like Amazon. If you are not using tools like FunnelBase you are simply missing out.
5 stars
Jacquie Wallis, 25 February 2020
Now I can have Authority and Trust for my website.
People leave me comments telling me how they like my site but now, they can leave an ACTUAL review that is more visible for my other visitors to easily see which adds credibility for my business.
5 stars
Ian Wallace Harper, 25 February 2020
Powerful Stuff this Funnel Base
Well I have to admit I was sceptical about this, until I tried it myself, I didn't think it could be so simple to setup, use and get reviews.

Reviews make your sites information and services more believable, they create authority and yes more sales of the products you are promoting or selling, people see lots of good reviews and boom you are ahead of others who claim the same but don't prove it by having people give their honest reviews.

Yes there maybe the odd one who give negative reviews but that is what makes this system great, the reviews are honest opinions, we can also learn what people want and we can react and get it in, if it is doable.

Well I have gone on too long already. Do I recommend Funnel Base? Hell Yeah!
5 stars
Scott Lichau, 25 February 2020
Funnel Base just levelled the playing field
I have always known that reviews are vital in getting customers and making sales but I never knew how i could take advantage of reviews for myself. It just seemed too technical for me.

Then I got my hands on Funnel Base.
What I like about it is that now I can get reviews and recommendations on auto pilot. I integrated my site with Funnel Base and I was good to go.

I highly recommend Funnel Base to anyone who needs reviews and recommendations for their business!
5 stars
Nikki Tester, 25 February 2020
Funnel base -simply powerful!!
I love the simplicity and integration of Funnel base. It’s simple to use yet powerful in its applications. I’m so pleased to have found such a great tool to use for my business.
5 stars
Phoenix Foveaux, 25 February 2020
What an easy way to collect reviews!
Social proof is so important for any business these days and Funnel Base makes it easy to collect and display reviews from your customers in many different ways.
5 stars
Reg Ervin, 25 February 2020
This is Wow
A little while back, I changed the theme on my site which broke my review plugin. After a futile search, I had pretty much given up...until Funnel Base! Great job on this solution.

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